Hongqin Liu hliu at
Wed Sep 4 06:36:32 PDT 2002

Hi, Guys,

As suggested by Andreas and Anand, I got two huge files (.ppls for
class-based and word-based), then run the 'compue-best-mix'. It has been
runung for 17 hours (?!), and now in iteration 2 (runing...):

iteration 1, lambda = (0.5 0.5), ppl = 4.91204
iteration 2, lambda = (0.514374 0.485626), ppl = 4.908

ppl(word)=4.80, ppl(class)=5.08 for reference.

It seems that it's working, but very slow, my corpus is 265K sentences,
not too big.

Is this OK? If so, next (if it will stop somewhere) I should use ngram
-mix-lm to get the new LM with the lambda from here?



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