"format error in lattice file"?

Mike LeBeau mlebeau at stanford.edu
Tue Feb 22 18:15:45 PST 2005

Hi folks,

I've used lattice-tool to take a lattice file in HTK SLF format and 
convert it to a file in PFSG format. This seems to have worked okay, 
looking at the newly created file, it seems to correspond to the format 
described in the pfsg-format man page. I used the following syntax to 
create the file:

lattice-tool -read-htk -in-lattice htklattice.lat -out-lattice 

However now I'm trying to use this new lattice file as the input to 
nbest-lattice, to create an n-best list. Here's the syntax I'm trying 
to use:

nbest-lattice -read pfsglattice.lat -write-nbest nbest.txt

This gives me the error:

pfsglattice.lat: line 2: unknown keyword
format error in lattice file

Looking over the file, it seems fine to me, and since the LM tools 
themselves created this file, I assumed it would work. So what am I 
missing? Thanks for any help you can provide.


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