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Andreas Stolcke stolcke at speech.sri.com
Tue Jan 12 10:07:01 PST 2010

On 1/12/2010 6:44 AM, Somayeh Bakhshaei wrote:
>     Hello every body,
>     i have problem with ngram-count too . i have installed SRILM
>     successfully but there is not any ngram-count file in the bin!
>     srilm/bin/i686/ngram-count {hear must be, but there is not!!}
>     what should i do?
We get this question a lot.    Please consult frequently asked question 
A1 (google "srilm faq").

If you don't end up with the binaries in $SRILM/bin/$MACHINE_TYPE it 
means that the compilation and linking failed for some reason.    Since 
obviously lots of other people were successful in building SRILM it 
should be obvious that there is no way we can help you UNLESS YOU GIVE 

Look through the output of the "make" step (save it to a file, for 
starters), and look for lines that look like error messages.
Then copy the relevant lines and those immediately preceding it to this 
list, so people may have a clue of what went wrong.
You should also say what kind of system you are using (e.g., what Linux 
release, output of uname -a, output of gcc -v).

If you are not experienced in building software from source, please try 
to consult a local expert first, in case you are missing something basic 
in the use of your system or compiler.


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