[SRILM User List] How does -hmm option work?

Qu Zhonghua qzh at hlt.utdallas.edu
Sun Mar 21 23:09:12 PDT 2010


I have a question about using "-hmm" option in "ngram". In short,
my task is to label a sequence of sentences, in which each sentence is
to have one label. In the manual for "ngram", it says "each states
emits one or more words". However when i try to label a sentence using
-hmm option, instead of giving one label for each sentence/line, it is
giving each word a label, which means in the hmm model, every states
only emits one word. Where did I do wrong? Or "-hmm" option is not
designed for this kind of purpose? Following is some information of
the file and command i used.

HMM file:

INITIAL . lm1 0.5 lm2 0.5
s1 lm1 s1 0.3 s2 0.6 FINAL 0.1
s2 lm2 s1 0.8 s2 0.1 FINAL 0.1

**(lm1 and lm2 are language model file from sentences of different types)

The command i used is "ngram -hmm -lm hmmfile -ppl test -debug 2"
**(Also, is there anyway to output decoded hmm sequence without using
-debug option?)


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