[SRILM User List] Language model Adaptation Algorithm

Andreas Stolcke stolcke at icsi.berkeley.edu
Tue May 24 07:45:24 PDT 2011

Mehdi hoseini wrote:
> hi
> I want to use SRILM for my Language model adaptation. is this a good 
> procedure for my purpose?
>       1: Make a language model on my Adaptaion data ( Task-Specific
>     Data) : ForegroundLM.txt
>       2: Make a language model on my General Data: BackgroundLM.txt
>       3: Combine this two language models with this command: ngram -lm
>     ForegroundLM.txt   -mix-lm BackgroundLM.txt  -lambda  L 
>     -write-lm   ADAPTED-LM.txt

This is the most popular approach, yes.

> but how can i find an optimal Lambda coefficient? i found * 
> "compute-best-mix" *but i really didnt get how to use it!
> Is there any better way to use SRILM for language model adaptation?
Please see the ppl-scripts(1) man page (or google "compute-best-mix").

The input to compute-best-mix is the output of ngram -debug 2 -ppl for 
the two LMs on a held-out tuning set.

> **
> *
> *
> Best regards
> Mehdi hoseini

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