[SRILM User List] Found New Extension LSA-Ngram

Andreas Stolcke stolcke at icsi.berkeley.edu
Mon Jun 27 14:08:42 PDT 2011

Mehdi hoseini wrote:
> hi,
> I found an free license srilm extension that build LSA+Ngram. But 
> unfortunately I can not make it. would please help me to compile and 
> patch it to srilm project?
> Best regards
> here is the link:
>   http://userver.ftw.at/~pucher/semanlm/semanlm0.91.zip 
> <http://userver.ftw.at/%7Epucher/semanlm/semanlm0.91.zip>
This extension of SRILM was developed a while ago, so there may be small 
incompatibilities with the current version.
However, the required tweaks should be minor.
I suggest you first try to look at the code sections that cause problem 
and try fixing it yourself.

If you help serious problems, contact the author, Michael Pucher, for help.
His current email address can be found in the paper at 
http://userver.ftw.at/~pucher/papers/phonsim_aaa07.pdf .


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