[SRILM User List] Question about lattice-tool -nbest-decode

xinrui yu ee07b282 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 14:00:59 PDT 2012

Hi All,
I'm new to srilm and I have some questions about finding nbest result by
using srilm.
I try Srilm by the command "./lattice-tool -read-htk -in-lattice test.lat
-nbest-decode 10   -out-nbest-dir my_nbest_dir". I indeed get 10 results.
But are the result placed in order?  I read from manual page said that they
are placed in order by default, I think they should placed according to the
score (combine the acoustic and lm score) in front of it. But from what i
have get, it's not. Am I misunderstanding something?

I also notice that there are another command callled "nbest-lattice". I try
to use it as well but it seems it does not accept HTK lattice. So could it
be used to find nbest result. And what's the different bettwen lattice-tool
and nbest-lattice? How to decide which one should be used?

Another question is that I read from manual page there is one option called
*-nbest-backtrace *which could preserve word-level timemarks and scores. Is
there similar option for lattice tool? What if I want to keep those
information while using lattice-tool?


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