[SRILM User List] Does keep-unk work with lattice-tool and htk format?

Lluís Formiga i Fanals lluis.formiga at upc.edu
Tue Aug 21 14:43:05 PDT 2012

Hi Andreas,

	Sorry to bother you with this old issue.

	The two-step lattice-tool process worked perfectly. First the rescoring and second the conversion to CN.

	But, unfortunately I have seen a few unks while rescoring the lattice (not as many as writing the mesh).

	The command I use to rescore is:

	lattice-tool -lm ../../lm/interpolated-lm.en -in-lattice wordlattice0.slf -read-htk -out-lattice out.slf -write-htk -keep-unk -print-sent-tags -htk-logbase 2.71828

	And I find lines like these: (Whithin these lines the <unk> tag should be queit)

J=26    S=19    E=24    W=qu    a=0     l=-13.8261
J=27    S=19    E=25    W=que   a=0     l=-11.4986
J=28    S=19    E=26    W=<unk> a=0     l=-2.76367
J=29    S=19    E=27    W=quest a=0     l=-10.831
J=30    S=19    E=28    W=quiet a=0     l=-10.57
J=31    S=19    E=29    W=quit  a=0     l=-10.4455
J=32    S=20    E=21    W=row   a=0     l=-10.1076
J=33    S=21    E=24    W=qu    a=0     l=-14.9448
J=34    S=21    E=25    W=que   a=0     l=-12.6173
J=35    S=21    E=26    W=<unk> a=0     l=-3.88236
J=36    S=21    E=27    W=quest a=0     l=-11.9497
J=37    S=21    E=28    W=quiet a=0     l=-11.6887
J=38    S=21    E=29    W=quit  a=0     l=-11.0153
J=39    S=22    E=19    W=arrow a=0     l=-12.6258

	I have to say that I use the rescoring to give probabilities to the archs from misspelling corrections. So I do not have any acoustic scores. (I set all them equal).



El 23/05/2012, a les 2:05, Andreas Stolcke va escriure:

> On 5/22/2012 10:56 AM, Lluís Formiga i Fanals wrote:
>> Hi,
>>  I was trying to execute the following command:
>>           lattice-tool -in-lattice-list lattice_lists.txt -read-htk -lm
>>           /veu4/usuaris24/lluisf/EMS/misspelling2012/lm/interpolated-lm.en
>>           -write-mesh-dir out -keep-unk
>>  but I find that unks ("<unk>") are still on the written CN (-write-mesh).
>>  Does -keep-unk option work only for lattices output? Am I doing something wrong?
> No, the code is working as intended.
> The option is described as 
>        -keep-unk
>               Treat out-of-vocabulary words as <unk> but preserve their labels in lattice output.
> What you are outputting is confusion networks, not lattices.  In the CN building process, lattice nodes that are mapped to <unk>  are treated as equivalent, and the word information is lost in the process.
> I would suggest that you simple do your lattice rescoring with -keep-unk, output the rescored lattices, and then run lattice-tool a second time without -keep-unk and without the -vocab option, so all word labels are preserved (all words are implicitly added to the vocabulary).
> Andreas 
>>  Thanks,
>> Lluís
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