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kamel nebhi k.nebhi at sheffield.ac.uk
Thu Jun 12 07:54:08 PDT 2014

Thanks a lot Andreas. It's very clear.


2014-06-11 19:23 GMT+01:00 Andreas Stolcke <stolcke at icsi.berkeley.edu>:

> On 6/11/2014 11:07 AM, kamel nebhi wrote:
>> Thanks Andreas, it works. But it's very slow.
>> But it seems that the STDIN argument is slower than File argument...
>> Is it just an feeling or is there anything to do to solve it ?
> There is no reason it should be slower.
> Of course if you invoke the disambig tool for every line of input then
> you're going to incur startup overhead (reading the LM for one thing) over
> and over, and that's going to make it slow.
> If you want to generate input lines with "echo"  then you need to take
> care to invoke disamig only once, e.g.,
> while true
> do
>     echo "a line of input"
>     # check whether to break the loop etc.
> done | disambig -text - other options ....
> Hope this helps,
> Andreas


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