N-Gram without backoff?

Andreas Stolcke stolcke at speech.sri.com
Wed Oct 2 10:04:56 PDT 2002

You can disable probability smoothing with ngram-count -gt1max 0 -gt2max 0 ...
This will still include lower-order N-grams in the models, but 
they are effectively never used because no probability mass is left
for backing off.  you could then remove the lower-order ngrams to save
space (but leave the unigrams in).

the conversion to pfsg should be unaffected by any of this.


In message <3D9AF01A.4010505 at ei.tum.de>you wrote:
> Hello SRILM users,
> does anyone know if and how it is possible to construct n-gram language
> models without backoff, and to convert them into pfsg format? I could
> not find any corresponding option for ngram or ngram-count. I tried
> manually deleting the lower-order n-grams from the ARPA format file, but
> I am not sure if the weights are still correct then.
> Regards.
> Matthias

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