class LM

Mirjam Sepesy Maucec mirjam.sepesy at
Tue Oct 8 05:34:37 PDT 2002


Thank you for your answers.

Few more questions:

I understand the transitions like:

[2gram]POSITION = 2 FROM: <504,NULL> TO: <756 504,NULL> WORD = primeri
PROB = -1.76748 EXPANDPROB = 0.0106105

(504, 756 are classs),

but not the transitions like:

[OOV]POSITION = 2 FROM: <504,NULL> TO: <,NULL> WORD = primeri PROB =

What does [OOV] mean? These transitions are not present in  the test
example of the toolkit.

2.) In which case  is the history string cleaned (FROM: <504,NULL> TO:
<,NULL>) ?

3.) Is the vocabulary size in SRI-LM limited?

Thanks a lot,


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