Memory issues

David Mas David.Mas at
Wed Nov 27 06:45:17 PST 2002


I'm a french PhD Student, using the toolkit to compute ngram and
class-ngram models on Hub4 and Hub5 data.

I recently tried to mix several models with ngram -mix-lm, which works
fine except for big models (learned on Hub4).

It seems to be matter of memory. So I used the -memuse option to have an
idea of the memory load.

But this option doesn't reflect the actual load of the memory. It says
900M when a top running of the same machine gives a amount a 2,5G used.

So my 2 questions are :
- is it normal that the -memuse option gives a wrong result ?
- is it normal that the toolkit use so much memory, or have I done
something wrong in the installation ?

Any help is welcome.

David Mas

David Mas
Tel : 01 69 85 80 05

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