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Tue Mar 11 09:36:34 PST 2003


I have problems with ngram-merge, when I want to merge 2 huge sorted
6-gram files  (the first is about 2G and contains 61M counts and the
is 700M and contains 21M counts).
At once ngram-merge stucks. Output file does not change any more,  but
ngram-merge is still doing something.  When I look at the info
of the output file, I see, that the time of the last modification is
changing and there is stil space on the disc.
When I split both input files at the critical 6-gram and merge the top
parts and the botton parts of both files separatelly, it works well, but
I think
this is not the case. I have to do merging many times :-(

One more question. If my count file contains 4-grams and 6-grams and I
use -recompute option in ngram-count. Are in this case 5-grams
recomputed from 6-grams and 3-grams from 4-grams?



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