memory use problem

Andreas Stolcke stolcke at
Tue Apr 12 19:36:07 PDT 2005

You probably have an OS memory usage limit set.  On an Intel machines
you should be able to use at least 2GB of virtual memory.

try the csh "limit" (or sh ulimit) command and research how to 
change the limits if needed.


In message <acddf6805041218502f38813e at>you wrote:
> Hello.
> When making a big LM, I gotta an error message of 
> "assertion "body != 0" failed: file
> "/home/model/srilm/include/", line 300 ".
> I used "OPTION=_c" when making world and used make-big-lm scripts to
> train the LM.
> And the machine has a P4 2.4G CPU and 1G memory, the OS is FreeBSD
> 4.10. When getting the error message above, the memory used is a
> little more than 512M.
> What can I do to save the memory use? How big LM can I make?
> Thanks.

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