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Fri Jul 8 08:36:50 PDT 2005


This is kind of a C++ question
I wrote the following copy constructor in Ngram.h
Ngram(const Ngram 

I have the following declarations

Ngram ngramLM(vocab*,order);

While(//<some condition>)
    Ngram useLM(ngramLM);

    // Do some stuff with useLM

The problem is that the assignment useLM=ngramLM doesn't assign the original
ngramLM. Any changes I make to useLM shows up in ngramLM too.
I just want to make a copy (useLM) of the original ngramLM, work on that
copy and then reinitialize another useLM with the original ngramLM.

Any thoughts?


>> . </s> 1
>> /PT </s> 1
>> Why is the slash considered as part of the tag?
> The / in front of a token signifies that it's a tag, as opposed to a
> word.  It's just a way to encode word/tags, as well as
> word and tags individually, without ambiguity.
>> b) as can be seen in the example, the n-grams with tags are only built
>> left-to-right, e.g. there is no bigram "la /N5", as I would have expected
>> (and needed).
> The program collects only those N-gram statistics that are required
> by the underlying model.  Since the goal is to use the tags in backoff
> the statistics needed are asymmetrical.
> If you want a different set of N-grams you can probably write a simple
> perl script to do the job.
> --Andreas 

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