Lidia Mangu's Thesis

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Wed Aug 24 17:24:28 PDT 2005

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> Hello,
> This is a question for the developers of srilm... is there any plan to includ
> e a
> complete implimentation of Lidia Mangu's thesis in lattice-tools at any point
>  in
> the future?
> Thanks,
> James


the bad news is that there are no plans to reimplement Lidia's work in
SRILM.  The good news is that it shouldn't be necessary.
The SRILM lattice-tool program incorporates a new algorithm
for confusion network construction from lattices.  The algorithm
operates in time O(N*L), where N is the number of nodes in the lattice
and L is the length of the confusion network.  The original algorithm
can take time O(N^3) and is therefore much slower in most cases.

This function is enabled by the lattice-tool -posterior-decode and -write-mesh

I should note that several fast (linear-time) algorithms for 
CN construction have been published in recent years.


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