converting ngram format model to AT&T FSM format

Yannick Estève yannick.esteve at
Thu Sep 15 02:50:01 PDT 2005

Le 14 sept. 05 à 03:50, Andreas Stolcke a écrit :

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> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm trying to convert an n-gram model (e.g., a.lm) into AT&T FSM  
>> format.

>> Also, is there a better way of doing these?
> Probably, but not in SRILM ;-)


Not a better way, but simply another one:

I have made a tool which converts TRIGRAM (only) language model from  
ARPA format to AT&T FSM format.
You can find it here (under open-source license):
in the section 'Additional resources and miscellaneous tools'.

If you want to convert bigram or quadrigram LMs, contact me: I don't  
still use FSM, but I can improve this program if someone is interested.

- Yannick

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