compilation problems

John Fry john at
Sun Jan 7 19:58:06 PST 2007

Andreas Stolcke <stolcke at> writes:

> Send a message with the body
> 	help
> to majordomo at to get instructions on how to retrieve
> archives of old messages (as well as other documentation).

Hi Andreas,

Before I start complaining, let me say that SRILM is a fantastic,
world-class system, and we're all *extremely* grateful to you for
opening it up to us and continuing to support it.

That said, I must point out that using majordomo, a perl script from
1992, to retrieve old messages is completely unworkable.  If you don't
believe me, try it yourself.

Maybe one of these days you can persuade a summer intern to archive
the srilm-user mailing list on the web, where it will be searchable?



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