Some SRILM test errors

Brianna Laugher briannalaugher at
Tue Oct 16 22:55:10 PDT 2007

On Wed, 2007-10-17 at 14:26, David Gelbart wrote:
> I can duplicate the output you got for the ngram-count-lm-limit-vocab 
> test if I put gawk 3.1.5 in my PATH instead of 3.1.3.
> (It's possible that something else is the reason other than the gawk 
> version.  I changed the environments in a way that may have changed 
> more than just the gawk version.)
> Are you sure you don't have 3.1.5 installed somewhere where SRILM 
> scripts might be finding it?  I believe some of the SRILM tools find 
> gawk using your PATH, while others will use the value of GAWK set in 
> common/Makefile.machine.whatever.

Hi David, thanks for your reply.

I double-checked and both the gawk in my config file and the gawk in my
path are 3.1.3. No evidence that I could find of a 3.1.5 lurking...

For kicks I tried running it again on a gawk 3.1.1, and EVERYTHING
broke. :)

Oh well, that's life.


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