SRILM 1.5.4 released

Andreas Stolcke stolcke at
Fri Nov 2 12:12:00 PDT 2007

The latest version of SRILM is downloadable from the usual place:
A list of changes appears below.




1.5.4   2 November 2007


        * New option ngram-count -addsmooth for additive smoothing.
        A corresponding new discounting subclass "AddSmooth" is defined in 

        * New option ngram -server-port to start a "probability server"
        (based on a contribution by Elad Dinur).

        * WordLattice: print lattice name in warning messages.

        * lattice-tool -keep-unk option to preserve labels of OOV words in
        LM rescoring (currently works only for HTK lattices).

        * New option nbest-optimize -anti-refs and -anti-ref-weight to 
        decorrelate errors with another set of hypotheses.

        * New support in nbest-optimize for BLEU optimization and Powell search
        (from Jing Zheng).

        * New option ngram-class -save-maxclasses to start the saving of 
        intermediate results when a specified number classes is reached
        (suggested by Shlomo Wavrow and Mats Svenson).


        * Fixed incorrect reference output for test "nbest-rover-acoustic".

        * Fixed a possible problem with tests "ngram-class" and
        "ngram-count-lm-limit-vocab" in non-C locales.

        * nbest-lattice: Avoid aligning reference words with -dump-errors or
        -wer, which would cause crash because no lattice is being generated

        * make-batch-counts, merge-batch-counts: be more portable by dynamically
        finding the right options to use with xargs.

        * add-pauses-to-pfsg: Avoid using a regular expression construct that
        causes a gawk error in UTF-8 locales.  However, to ensure this works
        correctly a gawk version of 3.1.5 should be used. See note in
        doc/README.linux.  If the test "make-ngram-pfsg" fails a workaround is
        to set LANG=C or LANG=en_US and avoid UTF-8.

        * Fixes an uninitialized member variable in the unary constructor for
        class File, which was causing garbage to be return on the first

        * common/Makefile.machine.macos: Updated Tcl linking instructions
        (from Chuck Wooters).
        * Makefile: exit immediately if any of the subdirectories result in
        build errors.

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