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Mirjam Sepesy Maucec mirjam.sepesy at uni-mb.si
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I found an old question and no answer (in the SRI-LM Mailing List Archive) . I attach it!
I tackle the same problem:
When I convert decimal ,  (comma) into a . (dot) in discount files, warnings disappear...
Discount files were produced by make-big-lm script.



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If I count GT coefficients in advance and then feed GT-files (generated by make-gt-discounts) to ngram-count or make-big-lm, I get warnings of the kind

file.gt1: line 9: warning: discount coefficient 1 = 0.0
file.gt1: line 9: warning: discount coefficient 2 = 0.0

and so on for all the gt parameters. Files themselves are alright and do not contain any zeroes. Number next to line corresponds to the last line in a gt-file. 
The model I get with this differs from that I get when just use ngram-count without loading GT coefficients (it appears much smaller in bigrams and trigrams) with the same gtmin and gtmax values. 
Could anybody tell me why it happens like this? 

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