[SRILM User List] Does '-omit' work?

Dmytro Prylipko dmytro.prylipko at ovgu.de
Sun Jan 29 07:45:54 PST 2012

Dear Andreas,

I found that using -omit and -observed options does not influence on
the calculation of perplexity.
I trained an skip-LM for filled pauses as you advised me (generated
n-grams, where FPs were skipped from context).
But when I apply it to the test data it does not matter which
combination of options do I use for the hidden-vocabulary:
<FP> -omit -observed
<FP> -omit
<FP> -observed
 or just

For each case I have the same perplexity value. However, it differs
when the hidden vocabulary is empty or contains another token, so I
can conclude it works.
Could you tell me if I am doing everything right? Why the options do not work?

Sincerely yours,
Dmytro Prylipko.

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