[SRILM User List] Using srilm as Memory Jogger

John Day af4ex.radio at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 2 07:24:16 PST 2012

Hi Andreas,
  Can you (or the group) tell me if srilm could be used to query language models in such a way as to 'narrow down' the search for a "partially known word" where the context of its usage is known. By "partially known" I mean hints such as word prefixes or endings are known. The "context of usage" is equivalent, I think, to stating that the likelihood of the hidden word is increased if it is preceded or followed by a given set of words associated with some topic. 

So I would like to 'leverage' srilm and language model queries by using topic models to suggest some words associated with a certain topic.

For example, find the most likely words, that begin with "st", given a "context set" (suggested by some 'sociology' topic model) containing the words "neighborhood, behavior, customs, environment".

Does that make sense? Do you think srilm could be used to execute a query like that?

John Day
Palm Bay, Florida
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