[SRILM User List] Observed omit event

Dmytro Prylipko dmytro.prylipko at ovgu.de
Mon Feb 27 05:45:12 PST 2012


I would like to clarify how to evaluate properly a language model with an
observed hidden event (<A>), omitted from context.

I have manually created the counts file, where this event had been skipped
from context, and have built a LM from that.
Also, I have added this line to the end of the LM file:
<A> -observed -omit

My question is whether it is necessary to specify a hidden vocabulary with
-hidden-vocab option.
Which command line is correct:

ngram -lm 3-gram.omit.lm -ppl test.txt -order 3 -vocab wlist -hidden-vocab

or just

ngram -lm 3-gram.omit.lm -ppl test.txt -order 3 -vocab wlist


Dmytro Prylipko.
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