[SRILM User List] SRILM in windows using Visual C++

Maryam Shoaie m.shoaie at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 04:43:39 PST 2013

I downloaded vc2005 and opened the solution srilm.sln in Visual C++ 2005
express edition. before opening, a window showed this message:
"Solution folders are not supported in this version of visual studio.
Solution folder 'libs' will displayed as unavailable.
Solution folder 'programs' will displayed as unavailable.
some of the properties associated with the solution could not be read."
and when I built it, it does not success. and shows some errors, such as
"no such file or directory" for all .cc files.
On the other hand, when I want to open any of the .cc files, it does not
open and shows this message : "cannot open file"
please help me.
what should I do?
Best Regards,
M. Shoaie
Jan 17
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