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Noor Noor noor2004noor at ymail.com
Sat Feb 23 23:45:09 PST 2013

Dear Mr. Long,

Thanks a lot.

About your email:

Do you mean use sphinx 3 like this command using LM.arpa?

decode -cepdir mfc -ctl file.ctl -hyp out.trn -dict file.dict
-fdict file.filler -lm LM.arpa -hmm HMMpath - test.log

can do that or need another parameter to support this command for arpa file?

what I did:

1. create LM using srilm order 3 gram2. add-dummy-bows   3. sort-lm 
4. testing LM in sphinx 3 as above.

but still I have the following problem:

LM is not a DMP file ..... lm_read_advance(LM.arpa, 9.500000e+00, 7.000000e-01, 7.000000e-01 74961 [Arbitrary Fmt], Weighted Apply) failed

Please tell me what is the problem here?

Thanks and best regards,


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Hi Noor,

You don't have to convert the LM to DMP format. Sphinx3 can directly 
load ARPA LM in TXT format. But you will still need to run 
add-dummy-bows to add 0 to ngrams whose back-off weight is zero.

Sometimes, the bigrams or trigrams are not sorted in the same order as 
unigram, which may cause an error in Sphinx3. If that happens, you will 
need to re-sort ngrams in your LM.


On 2/23/13 11:54 PM, Noor Noor wrote:
> Dear Sir,
> I have problem in sphinx 3 when I create LM using SRILM tools.
> I used
> ngram-count -text text1.txt -lm LM
> then I try to use
> lm_convert (sphinx3 command) to convert the LM to DMP file.
> I get this
> Fail to read inputfn LM in inputfmt TXT
> Also I try to use
> lm3g2dmp also I have the same problem
> the error is "line 385: No \data\ mark in LM file"
> also I try to use add-dummy-bows
> my question is how I can used arpa file that I create it from SRILM
> tools in sphinx 3 testing? is that possible or not?
> how I can resolve this problem?
> Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible
> Regards,
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