[SRILM User List] How to use SRILM with trigrams only

claude.vividsky at gmail.com claude.vividsky at gmail.com
Wed May 24 00:08:27 PDT 2017


which command line parameters must be specified for ngram-count and ngram
when only trigram probabilities should be applied?

At the moment I use:

  ngram-count -order 3 -gt3min 1 ...
  ngram       -order 3 ...

The documentation says on "-order": 

  Set the *maximal* N-gram order to be used ...

Does this mean that bigrams and unigrams will be used too with "-order 3"? 

What means "use" here: Are bigrams and unigrams used only for discounting or
are they used for the calculation of probabilities too?


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