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Lattice-tool does not require a language model.   If non is given, the 
scores contained in the lattice will be used for decoding 
(-viterbi-decode, -nbest-decode, -posterior-decode) and confusion 
network building (-write-mesh).


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*Subject:* question about lattice-tool

Hello Andreas,

I am using the SRILM "lattice-tool" utility, for which you are listed as 
an author.

I am new to this, and the documentation does not say whether or not 
"lattice-tool" requires

a Language Model to be input in order to use Viterbi or Posterior 
algorithms on a lattice of words.

      * I created a lattice of words, and would like to see the most 
probable sentence.

      * If I use Viterbi, I get a result, *without using any language 
model options*.

*Does "lattice-tool" use a built-in language model to give that result, 
or is the result 'nonsense' since I am not inputting a language model 
into "lattice-tool"? *

Thank you very much for any feedback.

All the best,



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