[SRILM User List] Some questions about lattice-tool

wei chen cwsunshine at gmail.com
Sun Mar 21 20:48:46 PDT 2010

Hi all,
I am transforming lattices generated by speech recognition to confusion
networks using lattice-tool, and  because confusion network decoding is
based on minimum word error rate(WER), it would reduce WER, but in my
experiments, the performance became worse after confusion network decoding,
so I  am confused if there exist some errors in my command line as below,

[step 1] : lattice prunning
bin/lattice-tool.exe  -read-htk -in-lattice-list [lattice_list]  -write-htk
-out-lattice-dir [lattice_output_dir]  -overwrite -posterior-prune 0.001

[step 2]:  transformaing lattice to confusion network
bin/lattice-tool.exe  -read-htk -in-lattice [lattice]  -acoustic-mesh
-write-mesh [mesh_name] -htk-lmscale $gram_factor -htk-acscale $HTKasscale
-htk-wdpenalty $insert_prob  -overwrite -ignore-vocab [ignore_dict]

Thanks a lot.

                                                  wei chen
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