[SRILM User List] Cache model, ngram server

Simon Andersson andersson at disi.unitn.it
Mon Jun 20 04:41:52 PDT 2011

Hello Andreas,


I want to use a cache LM (actually, an interpolated LM with a background
trigram LM + unigram cache) with PocketSphinx. As far as I can see there is
no way to write out the cache LM, but it should be possible to use it by
running ngram with the server option.


So what I'll do then is...


1) Modify PocketSphinx to connect to the ngram probability server (this
feature is available in Sphinx 4 but not in PocketSphinx)

2) Run ngram with the server option


Or is there an easier way? I just wanted to check with you that I've
understood this correctly and that I'm not doing unnecessary work :-)




- Simon


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