[SRILM User List] SRILM bigram VS HTK bigram

Mehdi hoseini mehdi_hoseini at comp.iust.ac.ir
Wed Jun 15 13:26:52 PDT 2011


I made a bigram language model on a small document with both HTK 
toolkit and SRILM toolkit.

but unfortunately their accuracy in HTK based ASR are so different. I 
mean SRILM bigram has 10 percent accuracy lower than one with HTK.

Can you help me where is my mistake?

Here is my command for build bigram in SRILM:

    ngram-count -text sentences.txt -order 2 
-wbdiscount 1 -wbdiscount 2 -lm bigram.txt

    sentences.txt has 405 sentences.

I build my acoustic model based on left to right HMMs with 2 Gaussian 
mixture for triphones using HTK.

Someone said sentences.txt and i build my model on that.

Best Regards
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