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Dear pranavshriram first thank you for replied. Actually, I have read the two papers( espcially the second one), but I will read them again to figure out the other things to include. for the phone decoder you mean that the output of the recognizer(decoder) will be in the phone level( not a word level).thank you. Bassam.

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Or should
I have to calculate the confidence measure?Word posterior probability computed using confusion network itself IS a confidence measure.   But it is not the only one, there are many others too. 

e.g. see [] H Jiang, “Confidence measures for speech recognition: A survey”, Speech Communication, 2005[] F. Wessel, R. Schlüter, K. Macherey and H. Ney, “Confidence measures for large vocabulary continuous speech recognition”, IEEE Transactions on Speech and Audio Processing , 2001

For pronunciation evaluation at phone-level, you may need to compute phone posterior probability using a phone decoder.
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