[SRILM User List] Fw: Interpolate trigram Probabilities to an n-gram LM

Md. Akmal Haidar akmalcuet00 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 23 15:10:03 PDT 2013


1. Is it possible to interpolate some trigram probabilities (say they are in file t.txt) with an n-gram LM ? 
SRILM gives results with the warning (no bow for prefix of trigram of t.txt).
-lm n-gram.lm -lambda .9 -mix-lm t.txt -ppl test.txt 

2. When the trigram probabilities in t.txt changes (newt.txt), the results are exactly the same as above.  
-lm n-gram.lm -lambda .9 -mix-lm newt.txt -ppl test.txt

Is above interpolation is OK?Is there any other methods that are required to interpolate these trigram probabilities to an n-gram LM?

Format of t.txt/newt.txt
ngram 3=242

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