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alex tudor alexx.tudor at gmail.com
Sun Jan 26 22:01:31 PST 2014


I wish to use FLM in speech recognition. So I've done a factored language
model for a small text:
*fngram-count -factor-file flm_config_kn.txt -text textLM.txt -write-counts
textFLM_kn.count -lm textFLM_kn.lm*

*W : 2 W(-1) P(-1) textFLM_kn.count textFLM_kn.lm 3*
*W1,P1  W1 kndiscount gtmin 1 interpolate*
*P1     P1 kndiscount gtmin 1 *
*0      0  kndiscount gtmin 1 *

Finally textFLM_kn.lm is:
*ngram 0x0=510*
*ngram 0x1=0*
*ngram 0x2=1378*
*ngram 0x3=1978*

*-1.746398 </s>*
*-99 <s>*
*-2.252263 W-A*
*-3.047544 W-ABUNDENTE*

Afterwards I've tried to rescore a HTK word lattice for a bigram using the
'lattice-tool' and a HTK word lattice (bigram.lat):
*lattice-tool -read-htk -write-htk -in-lattice bigram.lat -htk-lmscale 10
-posterior-scale 10 -factored -lm textFLM_kn.lm -out-lattice

But I have an error in textFLM_kn.lm: line 2: error: couldn't form int for
number of factored LMs in when reading FLM spec file

What's wrong ? I would be appreciated for any advice.

Sincerely yours,
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