[SRILM User List] Using HTK LM Score and externally computed Tone n-gram score

Adeyanju Sosimi asosimi at unilag.edu.ng
Sat Mar 22 05:12:33 PDT 2014

Am currently working on a tone based language. The language has a CV and V syllabic structure,
Have decided to adopt both tone n-gram and word n-gram as prior probability in developing the ASR system. 

That is using hybrid HTK LM score and Tone n-gram. 

To accomplish this with HTK, I don't know what to do. But I have develop routine for computing Tone N-gram in MATLAB.
How to make use computed tone n-gram with HTK LM score has remained a challenge. 
Also, I need your assistance with regards tutorial materials/manual on the SRILM toolkits or scripting files for easy usage of the script. 

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