[SRILM User List] SRILM ngram-count speed

Mac Neth macnet2008 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 10 02:29:23 PDT 2017


I am building a LM out of a corpus text file of around 8 MB using
SRILM "ngram-count" command, and it takes around 1 minute 30 seconds
to build the langage model file.

Each time I add a line or two to the corpus, I have to rebuild the LM file.

I am using the command as follows :

ngram-count -text corpus.txt -order 3 -lm model.lm

I have been able to optimize the performance using the binary option with :

ngram-count -text corpus.txt -order 3 -lm model.lm -write-binary-lm

and the LM file is now produced in around 1 minute.

Is there any further optimization to speed up the LM building.

Thanks in advance,


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