[SRILM User List] Unigram Cache Model

Kalpesh Krishna kalpeshk2011 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 4 16:24:22 PDT 2017

Hi everyone,
I'm trying to implement the KN5+cache model mentioned in Mikolov's PhD
Thesis, http://www.fit.vutbr.cz/~imikolov/rnnlm/thesis.pdf in Table 4.1. By
using the command "./ngram -lm LM -ppl ptb.test.txt -unk -order 5 -cache
192 -cache-lambda 0.1" I managed to achieve a ppl value of 126.74 (I tuned
`cache` and `cache-lambda`). What additional steps are needed to exactly
reproduce the result? (125.7)
I generated my LM using "./ngram-count -lm LM -unk -kndiscount -order 5
-text ptb.train.txt -interpolate -gt3min 1 -gt4min 1 -gt5min 1".

Thank you,
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