[SRILM User List] SRILM 1.7.3 released

Victor Abrash victor.abrash at sri.com
Tue Sep 17 15:34:06 PDT 2019

The latest version of SRILM, 1.7.3,  is now available from


A list of changes appears below


  *   Added nbest-oov-counts script to generate OOV counts for nbest hypotheses.
  *   Added a simple mechanism for weight tying in nbest-rover control files. A system weight of = indicates that it should be tied to the previously listed system. This is useful for reducing the number of free parameters when searching for good system combinations (search-rover-combo).
  *   Add Map_noKey() and Map_noKeyP() for unsigned long long type, to enable use with size_t on Windows MSVC.
  *   Output from -version now includes compile-time options.
  *   Added option ngram -minbackoff to fix up models that have unnormalized probabilities or that are not smoothed.
  *   Added option ngram -unk-probs to override unknown word probabilities.
  *   Added nbest-optimize-args-from-rover-control script, convenient for extracting initialization parameters for nbest-optimize from existing nbest-rover control file.
  *   Added ngram-count -text-has-weights-last option to allow text input with count values at ends of lines.
  *   Added nbest-rover -missing-nbest option to treat missing nbest lists as if an empty hypothesis (no words) had been output, rather than simply skipping that nbest list.
  *   Added nbest-lattice -time-penalty option, implementing a soft constraint on time stamps (when present) during confusion network building and alignment.
  *   Added nbest-lattice -average-times option, to average word times instead of picking the timing of the highest posterior hypothesis.
  *   Added nbest-lattice -suppress-vocab option to disallow certain words in posterior decoding.
  *   New scripts concat-sausages for chaining word confusion networks together.
  *   Added nbest-lattice -dump-lattice-alignments option to output mappings between sausage positions and alignment costs.
  *   Updated Android build for 64-bit development for armv8 using NDK r20 and clang. This almost certainly breaks the 32-bit build for armv7. The last known good 32-bit build is in common/Makefile.core.android.r11c, last built using NDK r11c. To use this, copy Makefile.core.android.r11c to Makefile.core.android. See doc/README.android.

Bug fixes:

  *   Added a new tool nbest-rover-helper that combines the functions of the combine-acoustic-scores and nbest-posteriors scripts, doing these computations in double precision and faster. nbest-rover now uses this tool (except when certain options like -nbest-backtrace are used).
  *   nbest-rover strips DOS end-of-line CR characters from the control file, so they no longer mess up the parsing of the file.
  *   Rationalize the way ties are broken when decoding word confusion networks. The word with the lowest internal index is now preferred (and the *DELETEtoken always comes before all other words), unless the new nbest-lattice option -random-tie-break is given. The output order of alternative word hypotheses to sausage files is always by probability rank first, then by internal index.
  *   The reverse-ngram-counts script now replaces <s> with </s> and vice-versa, as required for training reverse-direction LMs, and consistent with reverse-text.
  *   Handle comment lines starting with '##' and empty lines in nbest-rover control files the same way as in File::getline(), i.e., ignore them.
  *   Fixed the syntax for the nbest-optimize -dynamic-random-series options (now starts with single dash, as described in man page).
  *   Don't let compute-best-mix complain about word mismatches if <unk> is involved.
  *   Cast input to isspace() to (unsigned char) to guarantee input is non-negative.
  *   Fixed memory management problems in MEModel.
  *   Work around a bug in zlib's gzprintf() printing of very long %s arguments; was causing long word strings not to be output into .gz files.
  *   Removed word string length limit.
  *   Removed limit on total line length in outputting ngram count files.
  *   Zlib updated to version 1.2.11.
  *   nbest-posteriors ensures that bytelog scores are output in fixed-point format.
  *   Allow floating point values when parsing bytelog scores in nbest lists.
  *   Most robustness to word sausages input files that have missing data for some position.
  *   Fixed a performance bug when nbest-rover is invoked with -output-ctm option.
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