Andreas Stolcke stolcke at
Wed Jul 27 11:33:17 PDT 2005

In message <20050727134409.bqfql9j8mcco0gk0 at>you wrote:
> Hello SRILM-user group,
>       I am having difficulties building the toolkit in 3 different
> environnments.
>       The closest I come to getting a good build is on my Redhat WorkStation
> version 3 system.  I have installed the latest version of tcl, and edited the
> file Makefile.common.i686 in the following way
>    TCL_INCLUDE = /usr/local/ActiveTcl8.4/include
>    TCL_LIBRARY = /usr/local/ActiveTcl8.4 -ltcl

Instead use

    TCL_INCLUDE = -I/usr/local/ActiveTcl8.4/include
    TCL_LIBRARY = -L/usr/local/ActiveTcl8.4 -ltcl

If your tcl library is dynamic you might also have to add a flag to 
specify the run-time location of it:

    TCL_LIBRARY = -L/usr/local/ActiveTcl8.4 -ltcl -R/usr/local/ActiveTcl8.4


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