Problems finding best path (to choose synonynm)

Ehud Reiter ereiter at
Tue Sep 6 06:07:16 PDT 2005

I'm trying to use srilm for a Natural Language Generation
application, to choose between synonymns of a word.  The input
to a system is a structure such as

  you OR[answered,got] 4 questions OR[correctly,correct,right]

The system needs to make a choice at each OR point, with the
goal of producing the easiest-to-read final sentence.  There are
preference weights for the choices, for example, "answered"
gets a preference weight of 0.2 and "got" gets 0.8, this reflects
the fact that even ignoring LM issues we expect "got"
to be easier to read (shorter, simple phoneme->letter mapping)

I represent the above as a "wlat" format file, which I convert
to pfsg and then run lattice-tool on.  However, I can't get
lattice-tool to find the best path through the mesh taking into
account both the language model and the preference weights.
If I specify -viterbi-decode  I get the best path based on the
LM (but ignoring the preference scores), while if I specify
-posterior-decode I get the best path based on preference scores
(but ignoring the LM).  I'd also like to see the actual scores,
I thought I would get this with -nbest-decode but the nbest file
has 0 for all the scores.

Is there any way to find the best path taking both LM and
preference weights into consideration, and giving actual

Many thanks
					Ehud Reiter

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