[SRILM User List] Interpolated LM

Tiba Zaki Abdulhameed Abdulhameed tibazaki.alhabba at wmich.edu
Mon Aug 14 10:35:14 PDT 2017

Hope this email finds you well.
Please I need help. I need to do interpolated LM.
my command line

ngram  -unk -bayes 0 -lm  LM1Class_Based.lm -mix-lm LM2tri.lm -classes output.classes  -write-lm LM3Interpolated.lm -ppl data/test

I have error

write() method not implemented
error writing LM3Interpolated.lm
I can't remove -bayes because I have read that to mix different type of LM we need it to be dynamic
So what is the best way to do so? please I really appreciate your advice. the documentations are not clearly identify this issue

Best Regards

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