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Andreas Stolcke stolcke at icsi.berkeley.edu
Mon Aug 14 11:12:21 PDT 2017

The error message says there is no way to write the interpolated model 
to a single model file.   But wherever you would apply (evaluate) the 
interpolated LM with SRILM, you can just use the same options

         -bayes 0 -lm  LM1Class_Based.lm -mix-lm LM2tri.lm -classes 

to reconstruct the interpolated model.

If your goal is to "convert"  the interpolated LM into a standard 
word-based ngram model, you can try to first expand the class-based LM 
into a word-based LM:

     ngram -lm LM1Class_Based.lm -classes output.classes -expand-classes 
K -write-lm LM1Class-EXPANDED.lm

K is the maximal length of ngrams that are allowed to result from 
expanding the class tokens.   This is an approximation, and can blow up 
the model size combinatorially, so check the perplexity after 
expansion.   If it looks reasonable you can then interpolate the 
expanded LM with your other LM without using the -bayes option.


On 8/14/2017 10:35 AM, Tiba Zaki Abdulhameed Abdulhameed wrote:
> Hi,
> Hope this email finds you well.
> Please I need help. I need to do interpolated LM.
> my command line
> ngram  -unk -bayes 0 -lm  LM1Class_Based.lm -mix-lm LM2tri.lm 
> -classes output.classes  -write-lm LM3Interpolated.lm -ppl data/test
> I have error
> write() method not implemented
> error writing LM3Interpolated.lm
> I can't remove -bayes because I have read that to mix different type 
> of LM we need it to be dynamic
> So what is the best way to do so? please I really appreciate your 
> advice. the documentations are not clearly identify this issue
> Best Regards
> Tiba
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